The Importance of Being Imperfect

It is very necessary to be wrong. If we remain afraid of being wrong no one will ever say, write or otherwise express something ‘new’. Anyway nothing is perfect… according to Derrida meaning operates as imperfection, or difference. If signs returned as ‘the same’, we would not be able to differentiate between them, and therefore draw a meaning.

This is what Derrida describes as an affirmation that is not positive


‘There is a crack, a crack in everything / That’s how the light gets in’

‘Anthem’, Leonard Cohen.

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I was awarded my PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK in December 2013. My thesis explored the notions of origin and ellipsis in the writing of contemporary British novelist Hilary Mantel. I want this blog to express the ideas I have in and around my academic writing. View all posts by ejpollard

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