The fallacy of legacy

The Age of Stupid (2009) was the film that made me realise that the notion of ‘legacy’ is a fallacy. If we imagine that our work, whatever that work may be, immortalises us for future generations – what happens to that idea if there are no future generations. The basis of legacy relies on a stability that the discourse of climate change has exploded.

Reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s work suggest that thoughts of ‘legacy’, the future, the afterlife, always involve a deferral that takes you ‘away’ from the moment – it is anti-life.

Perhaps then, discovering the fallacy of legacy is liberating, as well as frightening.

About ejpollard

I was awarded my PhD from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK in December 2013. My thesis explored the notions of origin and ellipsis in the writing of contemporary British novelist Hilary Mantel. I want this blog to express the ideas I have in and around my academic writing. View all posts by ejpollard

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