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Pendolino Mickey Mouse Ear

‘And then the back of the seat comes into focus again. It has the colour and shape of a gravestone […] And then I start to think this is really coming together; a gravestone; the shadow of the rain writing on it, “one whose name was writ in water” etc. But then I notice the gravestone has a handhold on the aisle side, shaped a bit like a Mickey Mouse ear. A gravestone with a cartoon ear is no good to me’

‘Pendolino’ in Deceiving Wild Creatures (2009) Jeremy Over

Persona Synthetics Advertisement

Questions of Interest:

– What is a ‘synth’? ‘An advanced robotic servant’ – what does that mean? How are the two terms linked?

– Why is this fake (synthetic) advertisement so very disturbing?

– How does it combine subtlety and fear to become borderline believable?

– Also, it is not ‘synthetic people’ branded here, it is synthetic personas.