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A Little Bit of Bread and No Cheese (2001) Jeremy Over

‘To begin with, I don’t know. I don’t know if I am competent to discuss this. I am afraid not. I don’t know. Perhaps no one knows and if no one knows, perhaps it doesn’t matter. It may be that someone else does know. I don’t know. Does it matter? This is not the same thing as saying it does or that I do. On the one hand it does and on the other hand it doesn’t. I don’t know. But it really has, along with everything else, and for the most part no doubt always shall, in time, be something of that sort, for very little is ever not. I suppose I had very little in mind anyway. A kind of jotting. I should like to consider this by autumn’

‘The Irrational Element in Poetry’, Jeremy Over

First Novel (2013) Nicholas Royle

‘And then either she’ll ask me what I’m working on or she won’t, and if she does, I’ll tell her I’m working on a novel but that it’s taken a funny turn and is threatening to fall apart. It’s beginning to remind me, I’ll tell her, of a first novel by David Pirie called Mystery Story, which held my attention all the way through and remained plausible, indeed strangely compelling, spellbinding in fact, and then right near the end the action shifted to America and it just seemed to go off-key somehow’, p. 273.

Viva Survivors Podcast

Fear and Philosophy in Channel Four’s Humans

But it is a ‘theatre’, not just in name alone