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Distances (2018) Ian Seed

‘The Unseen Everyday’

‘Even before opening its heavy covers, I sensed that here was a text which would finally illuminate my understanding of the life beyond life and yet within the life itself that I led, although it would never enable me to find my way around the city or arrive on time’.

The Empty Shopfront

The Empty Shopfront

NW (2013) Zadie Smith

‘Three years of useless study […] An unpaid, growing debt. Along with a feeling of resentment: what was the purpose of preparing for a life never intended for her?’

King Lear (1608, 1623) William Shakespeare

‘The oldest hath borne most; we that are young

Shall never see so much, nor live so long’


Dubin’s Lives (1977) Bernard Malamud

‘[Dubin] read [his wife] a note about Thomas Carlyle from a biography he was reading. [Carlyle’s] wife, Jane Welsh Carlyle, wrote to a friend: “All he asked, was, simply, that his wishes come first, his comfort be put before all else, the household so arranged that his sleeping, walks, hours of work or reverie should be when and how he wanted them.” Think of that when you criticize me’ (p. 106).

Where do ‘ideas’ happen…?


On Frailty…