Time to Change – Be in your mate’s corner


Moonlight (2017) dir. by Barry Jenkins

This film make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about masculinity.

BBC Radio 4 – The Reith Lectures 2017 – Hilary Mantel

Dame Hilary Mantel will deliver the BBC Reith Lectures in spring 2017


His Bloody Project (2016) Graeme Macrae Burnet


NW (2013) Zadie Smith

‘Three years of useless study […] An unpaid, growing debt. Along with a feeling of resentment: what was the purpose of preparing for a life never intended for her?’

Can’t help it if we’re tilted…

This song is so much more than actually good:

Things Not To Say To Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Part of an excellent series of videos produced by BBC Three: