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Sea Squirt: Metaphor and Warning


The Sea Squirt is a creature that starts life as a ‘tadpole’, it swims, it is conscious. Then it attaches itself to a rock, it absorbs its own brain, and it becomes to all intents and purposes – a plant.

The less humans think, the more thinking is deferred by technology, the more it becomes unnecessary – abdicated – does ‘consciousness’ go with it? Is the future the absorbing inertia of the sea squirt…?

Speed: Illusion or ‘reality’

‘What every society looks for in continuing to produce, and to overproduce, is to restore the real that escapes it’ – Simulacra and Simulation, Jean Baudrillard.

Think about speed. Our apparently unquenchable desire for speed is behind all the 4GEE advertisements: ‘The waiting is over, literally’.

If, provisionally, we believe for a moment that life ‘now’ is faster than in the past – why do we spend so much time watching this icon and being asked to wait, please?



The Unborn Author

Roland Barthes wrote famously of the death of the author, but what if the author had never been born in the first place?