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The Stone Gods (2007) Jeanette Winterson

‘But because of this I know that inside the story told is the story that cannot be told. Every word written is a net to catch the word that has escaped’.

Words and Silence

I recently watched Sylvia (2003) directed by Christine Jeffs. It is a fascinating and inspiring film that has prompted me to read some of Ted Hughes’ poetry. The following is taken from ‘A Disaster’ in The Life and Songs of the Crow:

There came news of a word.

Crow saw it killing men. He ate well.

He saw it bulldozing

Whole cities to rubble. Again he ate well.

He saw its excreta poisoning seas.

He became watchful.

He saw its breath burning whole lands

To dust char.

Hughes’ poetry invests the figure of Crow with everything – meaning that Hughes himself embodies it while also being entirely alienated by this impossible bird. Observing the disaster of ‘the word’ here, Crow both is and exceeds the place words occupy. This is a mind-bending collection that makes me feel excited about poetry again and the way poems are always such a nuanced combination of words with silence.